"If something bad happened to me tomorrow, Louis would be there for me 100 percent"

Liam and Louis have been extra ridiculous the past two months and it’s making me emotional: a master post

so first this happened

and lets not talk about that because none of us is here for heartbreak

let’s talk about this

we have the interview that seems to have appeard right from satan’s asshole




also this is a thing now (we just don’t know)

warning: bringing any attention towards liam’s smile in the gif above may cause death

speaking of death

he :) makes :) liam :) laugh :)

reminder that abuse = love

liam no

oh look late night selfies at a party in italy ok

then this happened the day after

(u could try to convince me that louis isn’t being bashfully gleeful because of liam’s tiredness but u’d fail)

some other shit happened in this interview that makes me want to set myself on fire here u go

(i don’t know what’s going on here but i’m going to put it in the post anyway)

hey louis look hey i made a funny look at it look hey louis

(at this point i think we’re all aware that this post has gotten dangerously out of hand but i’m not stopping now)

ok we’re done with euroupe let’s get to america

i’ve made up an scientific hypothesis that evolves around liam payne’s smile being a direct cause for louis tomlinson’s smile look:

~~* science*~~


brodate at friday’s ok

liam and louis being liam and louis. ft nerf guns

one more of these for extra pain

side note: liam and louis don’t know how to fistbump at all


basically liam and louis’ relationship won’t stop bloody evolving and it’s really distressing


“Even in a situation where I might be mad at him for something, the person who can make me smile is Louis. Whatever happens he’ll just make me laugh about something because he’s just that crazy” - Liam Payne

one more for good luck

11/15/12 at 5:48PM
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